The Workings of Purging Your 3C Devices For Anti-Virus

This article is inspired by the video below. It begins by saying the awareness of everyone of the existence of viruses or malware. These are created to steal things from your computer, or just destroy your computer by erasing important files.

Generally, all anti-viruses function similarly.

How it works is that every once in a while, the anti-virus scans your whole system looking for any viruses. Since new viruses or malware are always being discovered, the software also checks with an online database for new virus definition files, so it’s always up to date with the latest new viruses that have been found floating around the internet.

Once you’ve installed the anti-virus, there’s much to do actually except press the scan button, unless you want to change when and how often you want it to scan your computer.

You can have your anti-virus scan your computer at the time when you’re not really doing anything on your computer. However, it’s not like you can’t use your computer while the scan is running, but it’s just maybe you want to have your PC be at optimum speed, because a scan compromises PC speed.

You can see on the history tab you can see previous scans’ reports, and the actions taken on this report.

On the update tab, you can see when the last virus definitions were downloaded, and you can update that manually by pressing the update button.

You have a choice of using a quick scan which is going to check your system for where the viruses are most likely hidden, and a full scan will scan all files.