What An Anti-Virus Service Can Do For You

What exactly is antivirus? This infographic below explains exactly what it is. Allow me to copy words from it and add my own flavor to it.

First it asks, “What is it?”

Well, it’s a software that safeguards your computer by first, searching for malicious files such as viruses, worms, and Trojans. Second, it removes and destroys harmful files. Third, it prevents spyware, adware, and other malware from entering your computer.

There are differences between free anti-viruses and paid anti-viruses that is for sure. Essentially what a free version only does for you is scan, and just detect already identified malware. While, paid anti-viruses, according to the infographic, include heuristics to catch new variants of existing virus code, and zero-day threats. This gives you a PC that is secure, and free from threats.

Again, in the info graphic, it says there are various ways to defeat viruses. First is by scanning, then an integrity check, then a heuristic check, then an interception. These are the processes that anti-viruses go through to keep your PC clean.

There are many types of viruses. First is the polymorphic, which changes the code every time the virus infects a new computer. Tunneling, which loads themselves underneath the scanner, closer to the hardware. The stealth, which infects the system file and get executed before the antivirus software. And the last is the fast-infecting, which is a piggy-back on antivirus scanners and infect files whenever they are accessed.

Remember to always update your antiviruses in order to keep your PC clean. Without updates, new viruses can infiltrate the PC system quickly. You need to keep your business safe. Whether it’s Castyield.com¬†or casting people for show business.