An Overview of an Anti-Virus Application

There are many different data on the amount of viruses invading our PCs every year. According to this infographic, it’s about 1,656,227. these were mostly viruses, worms, and trojans. There are also over 2.6 million malicious code threats detected.

Phishing has also been a huge pain the bottom for industries everywhere. However, the financial industry is the one suffering the most, with over 76% of all phishing scams targeting the financial industry.

Spam also doesn’t help. A company processes over 8 billion phishing and spam emails per day.


Not all anti viruses were created equal. Some are better than others. Some anti viruses don’t always detect some viruses. There is a percentage that is left undetected.

Among the top malwares are win32 or Keygen, the INF or auto run, the Win 32 Open Candy, the Win 32 Dead Fly, and the Win 32 Dark bot.

In 2012, there was a huge increase of malware growth (up to 50%) with an average of 2.75 million new pieces identified each month.

Less than 20% of malware is identified within the first day. After 30 days, the detection rate rises to only 62%.

According to the infograph below, the top 5 sources of computer attacks are the internet, cracked software, email attachments, downloadable programs, and booting from a CD.

It cannot be emphasized enough how important an anti-virus is in today’s time. Millions of viruses are being produced daily, and you may not see it coming. It could attack your computer, and all your files will be compromised. It’s better to be safe than sorry, always. Avail of our anti-virus now before you have your company registered.