The Mechanism of Anti-Virus Algorithm

It is absolutely essential nowadays to have an anti-virus installed in your PC. In the video below the narrator explains that not having an anti-virus is like not having a police system or fire department in your city.

It also says that when you download something from the internet, your anti-virus automatically scans it for viruses and the demonstration can be seen in the video.

With an antivirus comes a virus definition or dictionary. This antivirus program has one definition. A definition is basically a database of known viruses out there in the world, and if any piece of data looks like a particular virus-icon and matches the one in the database.

So data passes through a gate every time where the ant-virus approves or rejects any data that is a virus. If it’s not a virus, the data may pass.

Sometimes a virus disguises itself as a good virus as a good program, but if it matches the look and data of a virus then it will block it.

That’s how this guy Vince explains how an anti-virus works in simplified terms. This info is great for a company set up.

Also, watch out for ransomware. Information on ransomware can be seen below. What is ransomware exactly? It is software that holds your PC or mobile hostage and demands money to release it.According to the infographic, the two most common ransomwares are the (1) Cryptolocker which encrypts personal files and demands a ransom be paid within the time period or else data is destroyed, and (2) the FBI Virus, which locks the screen and demands payment. More information is given below.