How Does An Antivirus Process Work?

This video below explains clearly how an antivirus works. The man on the video begins by stating that most of us have an anti-virus, but how does it work? And what the difference is between a paid one and a free one.

He states that an anti-virus works in a very traditional way. They use a database called a virus dictionary which has lots of curves from different viruses. When it scans a file, it will take a snippet of that code and compare it with the codes in their virus dictionary. If it it’s a match of the file in the quarantine, then it recognizes it as a threat, and then you can delete it.

If a new virus comes, then it won’t be marked as infected, because it doesn’t match any file in the virus dictionary.

What about an anti-malware, how does that work? The difference he states it that an anti-malware looks for patterns or trends that viruses tend to take up. He states that if you’ve ever used malware bytes, you will notice that it will block Skype sometimes because it tries to access your webcam and microphone.

So, is a paid anti-virus better? Well, if you pay for an anti-virus you get real time updates, so that your anti-virus is updated on the newest viruses, and your computer can be safe.

The virus dictionary needs to be always updated in order to address new viruses coming in. This video is brought to you by a guy named Jack. He works in a business center, ABC.