Anti-Virus and the Mac

The word out there is that mac PCs are less likely to get viruses than Windows PCs. The video below aims to explain this topic more. And this article is largely based on the video below.

The MAC is generally considered more safe and secure. This is because malware writers are less likely to target mac users because of the difference between its market share with Windows. And also because the mac OS is Unix based.

Apple also included a number of security measures that make attacking a MAC challenging. These include gatekeepers which blocks any software that hasn’t been digitally signed and approved by Apple.

For MAC users, the main threat would have to be malware. That is, more up-to-date threats than classic viruses like worms and trojans. While this has been on going for many years, it recently developed a jump in OS 10 for MAC.

Another thing you should watch out for is ransomware. These are kinds of computer threats that asks for money before returning your data to you.

Whether a MAC needs an anti-virus is still an ongoing debate, but increasing users have not taken their chances, and installed an anti-virus anyway.

You have a choice of getting a free software or a paid software. However, be aware that free anti-viruses often collect data about you to be sold on.

Paid anti-virus software offers a lot of advantages that the free version cannot. For example, anti-software, firewall solutions, and automatic updates.

Just to be really safe, a paid anti-virus is best. You know you need to get your computer safe before you get.