Why We Need An Anti-Virus in Our PC

The video below serves as a source for this article.

The video starts with a query from a user to this guy called Eli the Computer Guy. The question reads: my friends and I got into an argument around whether an anti-virus, anti-malware software is necessary in a home setting. Many articles that I’ve read state that the advanced piece of malware can in fact bypass most anti-virus software. What do you think?

Eli says that an anti-virus should be one component of your overall security strategy. The reason that we’re having so many problems with hacking and virus attacks and all that kind of stuff is because too many people think that security is like one thing. Like, they install one product and now I’m secure, and it’s not.

He further states that when dealing with security in computers, it’s a layered defense. You need to be doing multiple things. So, one of the big things that a lot of people don’t do is you need to make sure that all of your software is updated, and that your operating system has the latest updates.

An updated Adobe also helps, he says. Java. And all the other stuff that need updates.

He gives a tip that you need to use your computer using a non-administration account.

You also need to make sure you’re going to the right websites. Not the websites that are infected with a lot of malware.

You need to be safe when using your web browser.

His point is, you really should have an anti-virus in your computer. Whether you use your computer for interior design or movie watching, it doesn’t matter.