Computer Shield keeps a close eye for threats on your PC, right away notifying you when something has been altered. You will be alerted whether to keep or reject the change. This prevents a lot of headaches on your part. In a word, firewall would best describe it.

  • Computer shield shield’s your internet browser’s home page and other vital settings. It allows you to fix things if your internet browser has been intruded by a hijacker, and guards your PC from incoming hackers.
  • Assists in the fast start-up time of your computer by disabling all unnecessary programs from running during start-up.
  • Makes sure the modem’s phone number doesn’t change.
  • Captures viruses, worms, and trojans before they make any changes to your computer.
  • Stops programs you installed from putting unwanted icons or favorites.
  • Plus, so much more. There are more than a handful more settings Desktop Armor can offer you.

Computer Shield prevents you from phishing scams that aim to trick you to hand over your personal information such as bank details, credit card details. Don’t be a victim of identity theft.

Computer Shield assists in the prevention of worms, hackers, and other malicious programs from attacking your PC by allowing you to easily turn off scarcely used Windows features. These features have had a reputation of being exploited by worms in the past.

Computer Shield enhances your web browsing experience by blocking unwanted popup windows.

Computer Shield creates a barrier for your PC to block web bugs. These are tags that are put on your web pages invisibly to track you.